Creating email templates is….

Flat design of creative office workspace, workplace of a designer. Vector illustration. It is created in the CorelDraw program. It is edited in the Adobe Illustrator program. It is kept in illustrator eps version 8.

Creating templates for emails can be tricky at times. All templates for emails have to follow certain rules in order to render correctly on major email clients, many of which are still very stubborn and don’t adapt well to new code generation.  Outlook 7 & 10, Gmail and Yahoo! keep stripping down certain  HTML/CSS elements and create unexpected results. When designing for email, keep in mind the following:

Rule #1. Keep your design simple. Come up with a great but easy to follow layout. Remember that your audience has 3 seconds… or less to get engaged in your email. Use white space, bright text, and great Call to Action elements.

Rule #2. Keep your code simple. Use inline CSS and tables. Don’t use external CSS files nor java scripts and don’t use float elements nor background images.

Rule #3. Test, test, test. Test it on desktop and mobile devices. Ask your coworkers and friends to look at your template. See if they can easily follow the design and get a good idea of what your email is about.

When creating emails I constantly discover new challenges and solutions to produce the results requested by my clients. As I travel through this journey of discovery, I will be sharing my adventures with you.  Please share your comments and suggestions below. Good luck with the coding!

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